Over 160 pages of quick, easy and delicious recipes made in Muffin Meals Muffin Pans.  Complete with four color photography for every recipe.  Also, a how-to section with excellent tips for making your muffins.  The recipes are simple and fun but taste delicious like you cooked all day.
Download the E-Book for quick and easy start to making Muffin Meals today.  Convenient format to keep handy in the kitchen or take on the go for grocery shopping.
Muffin Meals Cookbook was created with busy people in mind.  In this cookbook, you will find innovative, easy-to-make meals that you can prepare quickly and easily in our muffin pans.  The recipes are portion-controlled simply by being made in a muffin pan. They are easy to freeze and reheat and take on the go!  You’ll find recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and even holidays!  You can mix and match many of the recipes to suit anyone’s taste.  Many of the recipes have very few ingredients but are packed with flavor.

Muffin Meals Cookbook