Muffin Meals and Memories, Julia and Allison’s second cookbook, offers over 200 pages of delicious meals and wonderful memories.  As in the original Muffin Meals Cookbook, Muffin Meals and Memories provides innovative meals that you make in a muffin pan along with fond memories about those recipes that many contributors submitted.  We simply took an old family favorite and converted it into a Muffin Meal!  You’ll enjoy laughing along with each story and be reminded of your own fun memories.  Food always brings people together.  We hope more memories will be made when sharing these recipes.

This beautiful hard back book features 4 color photography of each recipe along with some helpful tips along the way.  Each meal is perfect to freeze and reheat which is a time-saving solution to our busy lives!  In addition, since each recipe is made in your muffin pan, it will keep your portions in check.  (Everything in moderation, right?)

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Muffin Meals & Memories Cookbook